I, for one, am not a political Writer-Director. Nor do I believe that being politically oriented in your story telling/direction, will have any kind of lasting impact on your audience. Especially, with a subject matter that is so sensitive and timely(both here and abroad), as ‘Mi America.’ My approach to making this film was completely non-formulaic. It is entirely a story-driven element, highlighting the social-economical/politcal issues in the subtext. Through the interactions of the main characters, and the lives that are affected by their actions, we understand their struggle for identity, and their fight for survival. Anyone can identify with this. Put this all together in a documentary style/story-driven treatment, and you have the perfect cocktail for moving, and enlightening your audience.

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‘Mi America,’ does not point any fingers at any one particular group. Be it majority or minority, political governing bodies, establishments, etc. ‘Mi America,’ attempts to identify where the problems lie for us, here and now. Or, at the very least, to prompt a conversation, with the intent to look for answers through self-awareness, if not collectively. We are all in this together! We will never move forward as a country, until we embrace ourselves as a nation of diversity! If ‘Mi America’ acheives this, even in the slightest way, then I will have done my duty as a Director.

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On December 1, 1955, a tired, soft-spoken African American seamstress made history by simply refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama bus. Visitors to Henry Ford can climb aboard Rosa Parks’ bus and relive a pivotal moment in the American Civil Rights movement. The bus belongs to the With Liberty and Justice for All exhibit that also includes the chair in which Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, George Washington’s camp bed, and political memorabilia for and against women’s suffrage.