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    Things to Do at The Henry Ford: The Ultimate Pure Michigan Guide

    As a wealthy entrepreneur, Henry Ford began collecting bits of American history and technology: McGuffey Readers, interesting clocks and watches, innovative machinery, even his childhood home, schoolhouse and an 1836 stagecoach where he and Clara attended dances as youngsters. By the 1920s Ford’s collection had amassed to become the world’s foremost display of Americana: the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation recounts the story of American innovation and history across 250 acres, over 300 years and with the aid of 26 million artifacts, some of the buildings that were physically moved from their original locations in Ohio, Georgia and even Switzerland. Four unique…

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    Mi America: Film Review

    Robert Fontaine directs, scripts and acts in this drama concerning the hate crime murder of five Hispanic migrant workers. Actor Robert Fontaine bites off a bit more than he can chew in his latest feature which he wrote, directed, co-edited, executive produced and stars in. Although Mi America is an undeniably ambitious portrait of an upstate New York town wracked by a horrific hate crime, its dramatic elements fail to rise to the level of its socio-political themes. Running over two hours, the film feels both bloated and undeveloped. Fontaine–a veteran of several soap operas including Santa Barbara, General Hospital and As the World Turns—plays the lead role of Detective…

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    Mi America Returns to Its Roots

    The New York Times review of Mi America (2015), which will have six screenings at the Downing Film Center in Newburgh beginning on Friday, March 25, described its fictional town of Braxton as a place with “decades of wounds.… Divided communities share a history and deal with one another, sometimes hopefully, always warily.” In fact, a divided community plays the role of Braxton in Mi America — some would say more divided now than ever: Newburgh. The Downing screenings mark the first time the film has been shown commercially where it was shot during the summer of 2014. The location is described in a Los Angeles Times review as having…

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    The True Story Behind the Harriet Tubman Movie

    “Harriet,” a new film starring Cynthia Erivo, is the first feature film dedicated solely to the American icon Harriet Tubman’s first act as a free woman was poignantly simple. As she later told biographer Sarah Bradford, after crossing the Pennsylvania state boundary line in September 1849, “I looked at my hands to see if I was the same person. There was such a glory over everything; the sun came like gold through the trees, and over the fields, and I felt like I was in Heaven.” The future Underground Railroad conductor’s next thoughts were of her family. “I was free,” she recalled, “but there was no one to welcome me…

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    In America

    “In America” has a moment when everything shifts, when two characters face each other in anger, and there is an unexpected insight into the nature of their relationship. It is a moment sudden and true; we realize how sluggish many movies are in making their points, and how quickly life can blindside us. The moment takes place between Johnny (Paddy Considine), the father of an Irish immigrant family recently arrived in New York City, and Mateo (Djimon Hounsou), the angry Nigerian painter who lives below them in a shabby tenement. Mateo is known as “the man who screams” because his anguish sometimes echoes up the stairs. But when Johnny’s young…